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The Facebook page Brusally Ranch Appreciation Society welcomes news and photos from owners of Brusally-related horses and admirers of Ed Tweed's breeding program.

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At Coronado Ranch near the Tucson Mountains in southern Arizona, we breed, show, and, above all, enjoy Warmblood-Arabian sport horses.

Our Arabian broodmares are pure Polish in lineage. Polish Arabians are known for their substance, temperament, and good feet and legs. Breeding half-Arabian horses by outcrossing Polish Arabian mares with Warmblood stallions of modern type results in sport horses featuring the best of both worlds for amateur riders: they are smaller than most Warmbloods, larger than most purebred Arabians, easy to sit on, and long-lived.

Our horses are descended from the athletic horses imported from Poland by Ed Tweed's Brusally Ranch in the 1960s. The influence of Tweed's breeding program is still very much in evidence today; descendants of his horses are excelling on the racetrack, in endurance, in dressage, and in sport horse classes.

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